This site was originally started in 1995 by an Edvard Munch enthusiast. It has grown over the years and has provided a wealth of information for many. It will keep on growing through the years and suggestions on how to improve it will always be appreciated.

For anyone interested in using this website for references, here is a sample of an APA citation:

Cerney, R. (2020). Edvardmunch.info. Columbia: Rene Cerney. Retrieved from http://www.edvardmunch.info

Edvard Munch Biography Information

We offer three different versions of Edvard Munchs biography. We encourage you to take a look at each one and perhaps even discuss the differences between them in our forums!

The first is a brief biography about Edvard Munch and his the history of his life. This provides information on his work, his life and family, and more!

Additional Biography: Starts out “Born on December 12th, 1863, Løten, Norway, Munch grew up in Christiania (now Oslo). He was related to painter Jacob Munch (1776 – 1839) and historian Peter Andreas Munch (1810 – 1863). After the death of his mother, Laura Cathrine Bjølstad, of tuberculosis in 1868, Munch was raised by his father, Christian Munch, until 1889 when his father died…”

The third biography starts out “Edvard Munch (1863-1944) – The Norwegian artist Edvard Munch is regarded as a pioneer in the Expressionist movement in modern painting. At an early stage Munch was recognized in Germany and central Europe as one of the creators of a new epoch. His star is still on the ascendant in the other European countries, and in the rest of the world. Munch’s art from the 1890s is the most well known, but his later work is steadily attracting greater attention, and it appears to inspire present-day artists in particular.


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